Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

we are the best online quran academy in contemporary era as we are providing our best services to help learn the online quran to those whop are unable to learn physically due to non availability of physical teacher or any other reason . we are specialized in to learn basic norani qaida , quran memorization , pronunciation , tajweed and tafseer of quran ,. along with these all we are providing our service to learn basic ahadiths , kalmas , prayers , basic islamic teachings and many more related to islam.

if you want to learn quran then contact with us. we are 24/7 available with expert tutors who have minimum 10 10 years experience of quran teachings . we have separate female tutor staff for female and kids.  kids quran tutor are veen decent , impassionate and deliberately provide education to kids.

we offer learing quran in reasonable fee with 5 days free trial , 5 days learning in week monthly 22 days classes via zoom , imo , skype and other online learning tools.

learn with us ; Bisma Online Quran Academy