Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

LAHORE: The Punjab parliament on Sunday passed a resolution against the head of Sikandar Sultan Rajas Electoral Commission (CEC) and called for him to step down from Pakistans Supreme Electoral Commission (ECP). The resolution comes after the PTI expressed reservations about the CECs alleged lack of fairness in the electoral process. PTI State Assembly member Syed Abbas Ali Shah presented the resolution at a meeting chaired by Sibtain Khan president of the Punjab Parliament. RELATED STORY PRESENTATION OF THE COURT REFERENCE TO THE PTI Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Rajasecurity: Sikandar Sultan Rajasikandar Sultan Raja is summoned to take the oath before the resolution of the IGP DIG. Wasiq Qayoom won the elections without objection but presented a candidacy for the parliamentary position of Punjab. After Sunday’s work, the parliament of Punjab was postponed to 13:00 on August 15th. In particular, the leadership of the PTI decided to hold a high-level meeting on Saturday and present a recommendation to the court for the electoral commissioner. PTI chairman Imran Khan ordered the party’s legal experts to prepare comments on him. The decision came after the party repeatedly urged the Central Election Commission to step down and the party leadership at a meeting today decided that the local government will take action against the Electoral Commissions in Punjab and Khyberpaktunhwa. . Pass a no-confidence bill on ECP.